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PRESS RELEASE: College Democrats of Illinois Call Out Rauner for Hiding Budget Plan

Annie Kehler, Communications Director
(303) 912 - 0993

College Democrats of Illinois Call Out Rauner for Hiding Budget Plan

Rauner’s inaction leaves Illinois students guessing about their future.

ILLINOIS– The College Democrats of Illinois call on Republican Gubernatorial nominee, Bruce Rauner, to disclose a budget plan. Rauner has spent the last 451 days refusing to announce any detail of his ideas on budgeting and pensions. As students, we know Governor Quinn will protect the values we care about. But with Rauner’s refusal to provide any specifics of his plan, our futures hang in the balance.

Governor Quinn cares about the students of Illinois. He has worked tirelessly to protect MAP grant funding from draconian budget cuts and has kept our scholarships safe. In fact, the governor's budget plan will double MAP grant funding in Illinois. He understands how important it is for us to have help going to school and have access to a strong education.

Rauner has made it clear that the future of Illinois students is not on his agenda. In an interview last week, he stated “We’ll have a pension plan, an education plan, a transportation plan,” but there is no evidence thus far to support his claim. Voters – especially students – deserve to know what Rauner’s plan is before he asks them for their vote. To adhere to such reckless thoughtlessness would insult the very educations we currently work so hard to earn. 

“It is long-past time for Rauner to announce his budget plan,” said College Democrats of Illinois President-elect, Brexton Isaacs. “The students of Illinois deserve to know where our future stands. We need a Governor who cares about the future of the state, not one who dodges questions he should already have the answers to. Does he even have a plan?” 



College Democrats of Illinois is a chartered state federation of the College Democrats of America, the official youth arm of the Democratic Party. As a group representing collegiate Democrats across the state, the College Democrats of Illinois strives to educate students on Democratic values, promote advocacy in concert with student leaders' furthering of those values, and engage students with local, state and federal campaigns.


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